Fish Meal

Fishmeal is recognized by nutritionists as a high-quality, very digestible feed ingredient that is favored for addition to the diet of most farm animals, especially fish and shrimp. Fishmeal carries large quantities of energy per unit weight and is an excellent source of protein, lipids (oils), minerals, and vitamins; there is very little carbohydrate in fishmeal.

Addition of fishmeal to animal diets increases feed efficiency and growth through better food palatability, and enhances nutrient uptake, digestion, and absorption.

The balanced amino acid composition of fishmeal complements and provides synergistic effects with other animal and vegetable proteins in the diet to promote fast growth and reduce feeding costs.


  • Fish meal is fed to farm animals, not only to improve productivity but also protect health and welfare and reduce dependence on antibiotics and other drugs.
  • Fishmeal has low antigenicity, making it easy for young animals to digest. Fishmeal has anti – inflammatory properties which improves animal disease resistance 
  • Due to high omega 3 content, specific health and welfare benefits to both farmed livestock and to the human population eating the animal products.


  • Traditionally used as livestock feed supplement
  • Contains high quality of animal protein with essential amino acids like Lysine, Methionine and Cysteine.
  • Good source of cyanocobalamine (B12), choline, Niacin, pantothenic acid and riboflavin B vitamins.
  • Rich in minerals like calcium phosphorus copper and iron and also the source of some trace elements referred as unknown growth factors. 

Doses                    3% – 5% of  feed.
Self life                  Best Before 24Months
Storage                Store at cool and dry place. 




45 - 60% Min


10% Max


10% Max

Pepsin Digestibility

90% Min


150 Max


Moderate Fishy Smell


Mixed Ocean Fish.



Fish Meal
Fish Meal
Fish Meal